Welcome to Boan Contracting

Boan Contracting is a  family-owned company and has been providing construction services to our clients in the pipeline transportation, midstream, storage, oil and gas and utility industries for almost 60 years.

As a pipeline and  facilities contractor,  we construct infrastructure for the transportation and storage of natural gas, crude oil, refined products, natural gas liquids, water, carbon dioxide and other products.  We also provide pipeline maintenance and relocation contracting services and directional drilling contracting services.  We specialize in construction in wet, congested or otherwise challenging environments and pride ourselves in our broad base of  construction experience and versatility.

We understand that every client and project is different and can provide a tailored scope of services to meet your specific needs, including complete EPC solutions.  We self-perform our work using our own equipment  and are committed to executing each project safely and to an unmatched standard of excellence.

If you are looking for a construction partner who cares as much about the success of your project as you do, please contact Boan Contracting today.